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Ernie Wormwood

A Review of Patric Pepper's Temporary Apprehensions.

Published by: Washington Writers Publishing House, © 2005, pgs. 61.
ISBN 0-931846-75-7.

     Reading Patric Pepper’s book of poems does make us apprehensive, alerting us to a journey that is sometimes urgent and always necessary. Soon enough we see there is nothing temporary about the impact of this seemingly effortless voice and magnified view.  Whether addressing Akmahtova  “I breathed your breath, I thought your thoughts” or Kant “ I’m like your violin” or the real wolf panting about the streets of Washington, D.C., Pepper is an inquisitor.  He seeks truth, then passes it on in poems that measure and meter, pausing us and then pressing us on, as in his poem about, what could be more appropriate here and now, spring.

Pond Road:  Spring

Those nights, the randy frogs, rang clear,
lured by the evening star.
They lit the darkness—for the ear—
and kept our dreams, ajar,

until the sun, teacher of trust,
ascended whole and harsh
to heat the redwings into lust,
and reignite the marsh.

We are changed after reading these lines about a road we have all traveled, some of us over and over again.  There is no disbelief here, nor temporary beauty, but always a careful, loving hand.

Ernie Wormwood lives in Leonardtown, Maryland and has been published in The Antietam Review, Rhino, Perpetuum Mobile, Main Channel Voices, Creation Journal and at Innisfree Poetry online. New work is forthcomingat Hotmetal Press online. and in The Broadkill Review. She was recently featured in Grace Cavalieri's 30th Anniversary Broadcast of The Poet and the Poem for the Library of Congress.

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