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The Montserrat Review
Issue #1 Table of Contents

Stephen Kessler 1 View From the Editor's Desk
3 Safe Sex
4 Allen Ginsberg Aloft
6 Visitations
Joan Eyles Johnson 7 An Interview with Buck Henry
Morton Marcus 13 The Words
14 I Knew Better
15 The Novel
Veronica Patterson 17 This House
18 The Orange in the Open
19 The Riddle of My Want
20 Bucky Beats the Odds
21 Look How He Loves
Len Anderson 22 Breakfast with My Father at 2 AM
24 The Spiritual Life
Eran Williams 26 That dark office, the heart...
Gary Young 27 I buried my mother's ashes...
28 The doctor says...
Susan Kelly-DeWitt 29 Bypass
30 Beading Class Women's Wisdom Project
32 Daylilies
33 My Grandmother's Lace-Cap Hydrangea
Sarah Patton 34 I Want to Tell Him
35 The Joy of Old Horses
36 O Trebled Spine
37 Journey
Liz Dossa 38 Morning Prayer
Michael Spence 39 Common Signs of Approaching Death
41 Proving Something
Jane Yongue Wood 42 Elegy for the Cleveland Pitchers
44 Hale's Bopp
Jean Emerson 45 eclipse
Cynthia W. Gentry 47 Math
Richard Cecil 48 Flying Home
50 Smoke
Joan Eyles Johnson 52 Las Trancas Woods
53 Dark Words
54 Asperges Me, Domine
55 St. Francis Toward Rome
Antony Oldknow 56 In the Garden
57 The Patrons
58 Baptism
Julio Cort?ar 59 Masaccio
Jane Pray Silver 62 Cain's Gift to Abel
63 The Poem of Chan Quan
65 My Mother's Fruitbowl
Pascual Mendivil 67 Paletas
69 Santa Madre
Carol Carpenter 70 Madame Tina
71 Genealogical Descent
Mary Lou Taylor 73 Born at the Age of Nineteen
Charlotte Muse 75 Mourning Diana
Ioanna-Veronika Warwick 78 Queen of Sheba to Solomon
80 Scheherezade
Greg Hall 81 The Waters are Highly Recommended
Michael J. Vaughn 82 Photo (Edson Lake, Yosemite - June 1991)
Greg Hall 83 My Confession
Robert S. Pesich 84 A Window in the City
85 I see my shadow
86 For a datura blossom
Denise Levertov 87 The Metier of Blossoming
Irving Weiss 88 Malcolm de Chazal's Sens Magique
Malcolm de Chazal 92 Selections from Sens Magique
Tom McKeown 97 Seashell in Stone
98 Stars at Minooka
99 The Apricot Tree
Marge Piercy 100 The Party
101 On Shabbat she dances in the candle flames
Rafael Jesús Gonzaléz 103 To My Students
104 To Learn Your Song
Katherine Mary Mills 105 For the Younger Man Who Called...
J. Mendes 106 Crutch
Robert W. Evans 107 A Fine Lens
Jeff Taylor 108 Blues I
109 Blues II
Cynthia W. Gentry 110 The Call of the Lone Star State
Aurelie Sheehan 112 Virgin Flight
Michael J. Vaughn 114 Amaryllis Asphalt
115 An Agnostic Christmas
Contributors 121
Eve Page Mathias Cover Art - Garden of the Soul - Acrylic, 1997


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