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Issue #2 - Table of Contents

Morton Marcus Gravity
The Oceans
Candace Walworth Beyond Noah's Wildest Dreams
Denise Duhamel Noah and Joan--for Marcia Adams
E. G. Burrows Amanita
The Ravine
Rich Murphy Progression
10  Odyssey
11  California Photo
Rane Arroyo 12  Uninvited Statistics of a Texas Noon 
13  Soap Operas 
Dixie Salazar 14  Call 1-801 MARY 
Stacy E. Tuthill 16  Loaves and Fishes --(Matthew: 13-21)
Professor Henryk Skolimowski 18  Meeting Mother Teresa 
Margaret A. Mahony, M.D.


The Soul Knows: A Physician's
Reflections on Managed Health Care
JCWatson 26  A Place To Pray 
Lara Gularte 28  Looking for a sign 
Greg Keith 29  Making Friends Slowly 
30  Woodgrain, flesh and stone 
Kim Addonizio 31  Testimony
Alejandro Nicotra 33  The City Screams Its Towers 
34  Grita Sus Torres La Ciudad 
Len Anderson 35  One Breath--Smoking is ritual suicide.
Clifford Paul Fetters 37  Neighbor 
Jane Yongue Wood 38  Poison Lilies 
Robert Wrigley 39  Vengeance--for the black widow 
41  Sleeping In The Garden 
42  Prayer For The Winter 
Katherine Mary Mills

Jane Hirshfield and the Mind of Poetry
--An interview by Katherine Mary Mills 
Jane Hirshfield 50  The Lives of the Heart 
51  Each Happiness Ringed by Lions 
52  The Poet 
Nadya Aisenberg 53  The Singer 
Diana Chang 54  Tree Woman 
Muriel Zeller 56  she = landscape 
Noelle Rydell 57  Hooks 
59  Turtle and Rabbit 
Colette Inez
Any Woman, Ainu Woman, I Knew the Woman, Me
Robert S. Pesich 62  Whipped into shape no longer... 
Paul B. Roth 63  One For Me 
Eve Robillard 64  The Fingerling 
Kenneth Lamb


Foreign Trout in a Native's Stream
--for Mary Herman Stagnaro 
Michael Stein 66  Fly-casting in the Food King Lot 
Gian Lombardo 67  No Quarter 
68  Hand that Feeds 
69  Magic Fingers 
70  Occam's Razor 
71  Forest for the Trees 
72  Pulling Weeds 
Beverly Peterson 73  Cornstalk's Silk 
Magda Portal 74  Hour Of The Rose 
75  La Hora De La Rosa 
76  17 (English translation) 
77  17 (Spanish version) 
Carolyn Stoloff 78  Invent Wings--Homage to André Breton
Wendy Herbert 79  Airborne 
80  How to Climb Mt. Whitney 
Juan Domingo 81  Bird Woman and Blanket Man 
Judy Kronenfeld 83  Waiting for News Which Could Be Really Bad
Larry O. Dean 84  Dripping Faucet 
Kenneth Ellsworth 86  The Trash 
Ben Miller
#151 - Tiny Tales of Mayhem, Madness,
and Murder 
Sean Brendan-Brown
Where the Orchard is Apocalypse &
the Harvest Ash
B. D. Margolis 91  Forecast 
93  Einstein 
Roberto Fernández Retamar 94  Happy Are The Normal 
95  Felices los Normales 
Ben Miller 96  #153 - Tiny Tales of Mayhem... 
Julio Cortázar 97  Blackout (English translation) 
98  Blackout (Spanish version) 
Mark Kraushaar 99  Cold Cash 
101  US Exhaust and Tire 
Paulina Vinderman 103  Testimony Between Rivers 
104  Testimonio entre ríos 
Stephen Kessler 105  Great Divide Crossing 
107  Bobcat 
108  Year Of The Rat 
Dina Ben-Lev 109  Casting For Strawberries 
111  The Contours Of Craving 
James Bertolino 114  Thought Chemistry 
Marjorie Maddox 115  The Lines in Your Body 
Liljana Dirjan 116  The Dogs Of Aesop 
Jim Lyle 117  Alarm 
Julie Reid 118  In the Dream 
Esther Kamkar 120  In the Throat of the Bear 
Theresa Whitehill 121  Homesick 
Allegra Wong 123  Those August Evenings 
126  Relief
Tom McKeown 127  Morning Meditation In Autumn 
Denise Levertov 128  Swift Month 
Joan Morse Vistain 129  Warm October 
Maude G. Meehan 130  Heat Wave 
131  How It Was--Zoar Valley 1970
Marge Piercy 132  Inland seas 
133  Summer cottages for rent 
Veronica Patterson 134  The Dance Was Frequently Xeroxed 
135  Pears 
Sarah Patton 136  Even At Night The Seckel Pears 
137  I See Grass In All Its Complexity 
James Doyle 138  The Fool 
139  How I Found Him 
140  Desert 
Linda Ramey 141  Tuatara 
Glenna Holloway 142  Desert 
Richard Silberg 143  Near Santa Fe 
Jeff Taylor 147  Coyote Hunts 
H. E. Lehmann 148  Sacrifice 
Parthenia M. Hicks 150  Panthera 
Penelope Duckworth 152  Tasmanian Wolf 
Robert W. Evans 154  Late Phase Moon 
155  The Prodigal 
156  Egret 
Susan Kelly-DeWitt 157  Frog Sutra 
158  Weakflyers 
Doug Flaherty 159  The Village Idiot 
160  Strawberries 
Charlotte Muse 161  Mountain 
Cintio Vitier 162  Tell Me Why/XX (Canto Llano) (English) 
163  Tell Me Why/XX (Canto Llano) (Spanish)
164  The Word 
165  La Palabra 
Charlotte Muse 166  Review of Life Near 311 Kelvin 
Patrick Daly 169  Review of Philip Levine's--Unselected Poems
Eve Page Mathias Cover Art - Quetzal - Oil Pastel, 1990
Frank A. Bella 17  Pen & Ink - Mother Teresa
Myrrh 113  An Essential Mystery: Brains Imagine
Barbara Leventhal-Stern 119  Woodcut - Esther's Bear, 1996
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