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What New for 2006

A Review by Grace Cavalieri
Blood Autumn (Autunno di Sangue)
by Daniela Gioseffi - December, 2006

Joseph Brodsky learned English while reading the poems of TS Eliot in a Russian labor camp. I feel that I’d like to learn Italian by matching the translations to the poems in this blood red book. 34 poems are presented with their counterparts in Italian, and this book, (new and selected poems) is testimony for the years Daniela Gioseffi has lived in the court of the muse. She is a political activist, a feminist, a naturalist, a mother, wife, former singer and dancer, actor.

A Review by Merrill Lefler
Water on the Sun - December, 2006

This is just a note to thank you for Water on the Sun. I’ve been reading the poems in different places — at the post office a couple of days ago, on line, the 40-ish woman behind me said she “really” liked you...

A Review by Avideh Shashaani
So What - December, 2006

It is not everyday that one confronts “wisdom”.  Writing a review on So What is reviewing a life lived to its fullest under the most constraining of circumstances. ...

A Review by Judith McCombs
Tin Mines & Concubines: Malaysian Fictions
- December, 2006

Set in Malaysia, mostly in the 1960s, the wise, compassionate, surprising stories of Tin Mines portray the author’s multicultural, multiracial society of Chinese and Indian immigrants and Malays. Hilary Tham, born 1946, was raised in an impoverished Chinese Malaysian family with a strong mother and feckless father; in 1971 she married a Peace Corps volunteer and immigrated to America....

A Review by Norman Lang Siegel
Everything Else in the World
- December 2006

Once again in his fourteenth book of poetry, his third since winning a Pulitzer for Different Hours, Stephen Dunn presents us with poems that can be enjoyed effortlessly, but which also offer “privileged glimpses” of the sublime upon deserved close re-readings...

Review by Grace Cavalieri
Why Speak by Nathaniel Bellows
- December 2006

Nathaniel Bellows has no other voice but his, I thought, as I read this new book. It is existential thought where all consciousness is connected, and language makes the relationship with the world...

Review by Grace Cavalieri
Innocence by Jean Nordhaus
- December 2006

Jean Nordhaus writes poems in an arrangement of stillness. She finds favor with serenity. Maybe this is because Nordhaus knows what to leave out of a poem. Only the seasoned writer trusts the reader, believes in invisible bridges, and knows the reader of poetry is as smart as the writer...

Enhanced Gravity – Press Release: November, 2006

More Fiction By Washington Area Women,   500pp., $18.95
Edited by Richard Peabody

The 18th publication by Paycock Press (begun in 1976 and named for Irish playwright Sean O’Casey’s play Juno and the Paycock) is Enhanced Gravity, the second volume in a trilogy of anthologies that in the end will gather works by 115+ women from the area and total a massive 1000+ pages.   

Review by Grace Cavalieri
The Beaux Strategem
- November 2006

This is one of the best nights you'll spend in theater. " The Beaux' Stratagem" was written by George Farquhar in 1707, adapted by Thornton Wilder in 1938, and picked up by Ken Ludwig in 2004, finished in 2005. The story is of two penniless English scoundrels who visit the English countryside. Their stratagem is to find and marry a wealthy lady and share the dowry.

Little Magazine Movement in AMERICA

From print to electronics to print — An essay by Grace Cavalieri — November, 2006

Americans generally consider POETRY Magazine (1912) the first poetry periodical of note. It may be the one we know the most about but that it was first is not true on several counts. Washington DC's POET LORE preceded by several years. In fact Walt Whitman took out an ad for his work in its pages, near the close of the 19th century...

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